Why try CrossFit?

  • Get leaner and stronger
  • Feel more positive and energetic
  • Reduce injury, illness and disease
  • Improve performance at chosen sport(s)

Why CrossFit Julia ?

  • Passionate, Caring Coaches
  • Life-changing programs
  • Welcoming and motivational atmosphere
  • State-of-the-art facilities

CFJ Success Stories

  • Real life people
  • Amazing Transformations
  • Massive Results
  • A community of greatness

Crossfit Julia

CrossFit Julia is THE place where people come to be a part of community!


Today’s WOD

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Partner Saturday

Saturday May 26, 2018


With a partner complete:

Down/Back Partner Sled Pull

**(Partner A pulls Partner B down..Partner B pulls Partner A back)

21 Toes to Bar each

**(Partner A does as big of a set as they can and Partner b hangs on the pullup bar. Whenever a partner drops, switch. Repeat the pattern until both partners have completed 21 reps)

Down/Back Partner Sled Pull

15  Bodyweight deadlifts each

**(Partner A does as big of a set as possible while Partner B holds the bar at hip height. When a partner drops the bar or breaks their set, switch. Repeat until both partners have completed 15 DL)

Down/Back Partner Sled Pull

9 Rope Climbs (total)

**Alternate every climb

Down/Back Partner Sled pull

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