Monday May 22, 2017

(Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Sometimes the movements that appear to be “easier” are actually not.  Mixing up your routine and trying a different modification or exercise all together is a great way to keep your workouts fresh and keep your muscles burning.  Paul learned this last week as he chose to do bar rows instead of pull-ups.  He thought the workout was much harder that if he had done regular pull-ups.  Try to mix up your WODS this week and see what you can learn about yourself.)

Strength Session:

Strict Press

5 sets x 5 reps unbroken @ 70% of your 1RM

**in between sets alternate between 10 air squats with feet together and 15 sit-ups holding a weight behind your head (go as heavy as you can on this)


Level 2 WOD:

10 rounds for time:

10 Pistols (L+R=2)

10 Push-ups


Level 1 WOD:

10 rounds for time:

10 Weighted Step-ups (24″,20″) (L+R=2)(hold a 53,35 KB at chest level)

10 Push-ups

Level 2 MODS:

MOD 1: One leg squats (wrap your foot behind your standing leg… make sure your depth is good)


Level 1 MODS:

MOD 1: Step-ups (35,20)

MOD 2: Step-ups (20,18), Knee Push-ups

MOD 3: Unweighted step-ups, Knee Push-ups