Saturday March 19, 2016

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(Last weekend, Sharon and Keith took on 16.2 at the 8am class.  Sharon is such a trooper, battling her injuries and still doing everything she can to keep her momentum going.  Keith is our newest member and is crushing those 5:30am WODS! Introduce yourself next time you see him!)

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8am Class:


AMRAP in 7 minutes:

10 Snatch (75,55)

3 Bar Muscle-ups or 5 Jumping Pull-ups


9am Class:


AMRAP in 13 minutes:

55 Deadlift (225,155)

55 Wall Balls (20#/10ft, 14#/9ft)

55 Calorie Row

55 Handstand Push-ups


**See the whiteboard post for the modifications for age groups and scaling.