Wednesday January 1, 2014

In teams of 4:

Run 1 mile as a team
100 Push Press (75,55)
200 Wall Balls (20,14)
300 Burpees
Run 1 mile as a team


**2 people can work at a time on the above reps and they can break up the reps in any way they see fit.  The run must come in the beginning and the end.  While 2 partners are working on the reps, the other 2 partners will be working (at the same time) to complete a team total of 2014 double unders!  No singles, if you can’t do double unders, get 1 today to help your team out and start the new year with a PR OR substitute your double unders for tuck jumps!!

Modifications: lighter barbells, wall balls, tuck jumps.