Saturday December 5, 2015

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(Today at 9am will be going over Deadlift, SDHP, and Cleans.  Please join us to get back to basics on these major lifts! )

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Level 1 & 2 WOD:

In teams of 3 complete:
For time:
30 Weighted Sit-ups (25,20)
30 Deadlift (225,155)
30 Double Unders
30 Overhead Squats (95,65)
30 Pull-ups
8 minutes to find 3RM Bear Complex

**For Part A, this is a relay. One person will start with the sit-ups, and once they are done with that station, they will move to the DL. The second teammate will then begin with the sit-ups. Once the first person is done with the DL, and the second person is done with sit-ups, they will move to the next station and the third partner will enter the sit-ups. You cannot move to the next station until the person in front of you is done with the work and off the station. Score for this is the total time to completion when all three people have completed the chipper. 17 minute cutoff. If you have a mixed gender team, have the weights you need available to get the correct weight on the bar when you get to that station.

At the 17 minute mark, the bear complex section begins. Each person will find the heaviest 3 rep bear complex they can complete. The final score will be the heaviest weight each athlete completes successfully added together for one big team score.

MOD 1: DL (185,125), OHS (75,55), Sit-up (20,16)

MOD 2: DL (155,105), OHS (45,35), Sit-ups (14,10)

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