Wednesday July 15, 2015



(There are infinite ways to get work done.  Find the method that works best for you and go for it!  Justene is the first person I have seen to carry the ball on her back while running with it.  Way to break the mold!)


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Level 1 and 2 WOD:

3 rounds of:
3 minute AMRAP
3 Hang Squat Snatch @ 80% of 1RM Snatch
6 Burpees
9 Abmat Sit-ups
Rest 1 minute between rounds

**3,2,1…GO. You have 3 minutes to complete AMRAP of the above sequence. You will then have one minute to rest. Repeat 2 more times and work on getting the same number or reps for each round. Your score is the total # of REPS completed throughout the entire WOD.


**Read more for MODs and Post WOD cool Down

MOD 1: 75% of 1RM

MOD 2: 70% of 1 RM

MOD 3: 65% of 1RM

MOD 4: 60% of 1RM

MOD 5: (45,35)



– Lunges with Dislocates Down and Back, 50 Supermans

– Shawn’s Core WOD

-Lacrosse ball on shoulder blades and mid back

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