Monday July 4th, 2016

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(Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday!)

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With a partner complete:
AMRAP in 30 minutes:
Partner A will complete 1 full round of the following, while Partner B accumulates as many rope climbs as possible. Switch places after 1 full round has been completed.
5 Stone Shoulders (115,70)
10 Ball Slams (30,20)
15 Wall Balls (20,16)

Climb high in the sky and listen for the sound of the fireworks!

**Your score is total number of rounds and reps of Part A + the total number of rope climbs completed

MOD 1: SS (70,40), WB (16,14), Blue Tape

MOD 2: SS (40,25WB), WB (14,10), 2 moves

MOD 3: SS (25,20WB), WB (10,6), Assisted Rope Climbs (Every 3 of these counts as 1 rep)