Anyone and everyone who needs a post summer jump start on their health and fitness!


20 days of focused effort on 5 goals or activities in 5 star areas of health and fitness.

Choose 1 goal or activity you can complete daily or several times a week to accomplish a goal in each of the 5 star areas.


Nutrition: No sugar for 20 days, Track Macros or Calories for 20 days, Paleo, Zone, etc….

Metabolic Conditioning (Cardio): Run/Row/Bike 1 mile every day for 20 days, Jump Rope for 10 minutes 3x/week, Do 50 burpees each day, Do 10 x 100m Sprints 3x/week, etc….

Gymnastics (Bodyweight): 50 push-ups per day, 20 eccentric pull-ups after 4x/week, 10 ring dips 5x/week, etc… (choose anything that involves moving only your bodyweight)

Weightlifting: (Moving objects): Do 5# heavier than RX on every workout, Do Front/Back/Overhead EMOM x 10 minutes: 3 reps @ 85% of 1RM, Do 10 Bodyweight sled pushes 4x/week, etc….

Sport (Putting your training into action): Hike 2 14’ers in 20 days, Stand-up Paddleboard 3x in 20 days for at least an hour, Run a 5K race, etc…



CFJ and outside on your own



September 11th – September 30th