I came across a nice little article from Greg Everett, a competitive olympic weightlifter and former CrossFit box owner, who discusses 6 basic truths of olympic weight lifting.  Most of these concepts seem fairly obviously, however putting them into practice is always easier said than done.  Personally, #4 is hitting home and if you watch this video of our own JT hitting a 330 pound clean and jerk, you can watch these steps in action.

JT 330# Clean and Jerk from CrossFit Julia on Vimeo.

So here they go.

1. The lifter and barbell system must remain balanced over the feet.

— the actual balance point may change slightly throughout the lift, however if there is too much divergence, the lifter and the barbell will be pulled forward or backwards, resulting in a loss of balance.


2. The barbell and lifter must remain in close proximity to one another

— it’s easier to lift a bar that is closer to you than one that is far away from you.


3. There must be no time wasted at the top of the pull.

–you have to transition between lifting the bar up and moving yourself down as quickly as possible


4. The relocation under the bar is an ACTIVE movement.

–Getting yourself under the bar is just as active as getting the bar up.  You do not fall, drop, or catch.  You squat or split actively.


5. The receiving position must be stable and strong.

–find the position that allows you to best support the weight and stand up with it


6. Consistency is more important than actual technique style

–No two people are the same.  Find the things that work the best for you and be as consistent as possible with those things.  Strive to optimize your technique in all areas along the way.


to read the whole article visit…http://www.catalystathletics.com/articles/article.php?articleID=129