Thursday January 7, 2016

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(Sharon has been coming back so strong after her surgeries.  She has been hitting PR’s on her overhead lifts, despite not having max power out of her legs.  When she is back full throttle, magic is gonna happen!)

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Skills Session:

8 minutes for Bar Muscle-ups and 8 minutes for Handstands

**If you are skilled at BMU, do them strict or in a L-position.  For handstands, work on handstand holds, pushups with a wall or into the wall, freestanding holds, or freestanding pushups.

Level 2 WOD:

5 rounds for time:
3 x 1 Toes to Bar, 1 Chest to Bar Pull-up, 1Bar Muscle-up Complexes (must be consecutively linked)
10 Handstand pushups

**One complex is linking: 1 toes to bar, 1 chest to bar pull-up, and 1 bar muscle-up. You will do 3 of these per round. If you miss one of the movements, that is a no rep and you will start over with the whole complex


Level 1 WOD:

5 rounds for time:

5 Man-makers (35,25 in each hand)

5 Wall-walks (hips and thighs touch the wall)

Level 2 WOD:

MOD 1: T2B, Chin over Pull-up, C2B Pull-up, 1 abmat

MOD 2: KTE, T2B, Chin over Pull-up, 2 abmats


Level 1 WOD:

MOD 1: MM (25,18 KB), 3/4 wall walk

MOD 2: MM (18KB, 20# DB), 1/2 wall walk

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