Friday September 1, 2017

(Shout out to Jenny for being our Featured Athlete of September! We wish her all the best as she heads to college this fall! Check out her story here…)


Rope climb

Spend 10 minutes on rope-climb technique

*If you’re still working up to a full rope climb, practice footwork and locking the rope with your feet so you can stand up

*If you can do a rope climb, practice getting it in fewer pulls by jumping higher on the rope to start and then getting your feet close to your hands between each pull

*If you can do rope climbs in one pull, work legless rope climbs

**Goal: Find something new to try on your rope climb that will help you in today’s WOD!



Fight Gone Bad style (17 minutes total)

3 rounds of…

  • 1 minute: max rope climbs
  • 1 minute: max slam balls (30/20)
  • 1 minute: max toes to bar
  • 1 minute: max walking lunges with slam ball held at chest (30/20)
  • 1 minute: max calorie row

1 minute REST between rounds

Score is total reps for whole workout!