Thursday August 14, 2014

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(How you came to us on the left, How you leave us on the right. From boy to man, Andy, we wish you all the best as you certainly have an amazing future ahead of you.  Thank you for all of the inspiration, motivation, and fun! You will be missed.)

In teams of 3 complete:
3 rounds
Row 500m
20 Cleans
100 Double Unders

**One person will be at each station.  Complete the designated work load.  When you are finished, you must do burpees while waiting for your other teammates to finish their work.  Once everyone is finished, switch stations.  Each person will complete each station 3 times.


Level 2: Cleans (155,105), DU (Must do at least 20 unbroken or start over from beginning of last unbroken set)
Level 1: Cleans (95,65), DU (50 DU instead of 100. Can do them one at a time if necessary)

Level 2 MODs:

MOD 1: Clean (135,95)

MOD 2: Clean (115,75)

MOD 3: Clean (95,65)


Level 1 MODs:

MOD 1: Clean (75,55)

MOD 2: Clean (65,45)

MOD 3: Clean (45,35), Du attempts

MOD 4: Clean (PVC), 100 singles