Tuesday December 29, 2015: BENCHMARK TUESDAY

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.11.33 PM

(Liz meant business on Monday’s workout.  Going head to head with Amber, she refused to let her get away. Liz has been crushing it lately and with all this momentum she is building, 2016 is gonna be beast mode!)

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Level 2 WOD:


100 Pull-ups

100 Push-ups

100 Sit-ups

100 Squats

**You must complete all 100 reps before moving to the next exercise


Level 1 WOD:

3 rounds:

10 Pull-ups

15 Push-ups

20 Sit-ups

25 Squats

Level 2 MODS:

MOD 1: 2 rounds: 50 reps each. Green Band Pull-ups

MOD 2: 4 rounds: 25 reps each. Green Band Pull-ups

**If you can’t get through 25 pull-ups with a green band fairly quickly, switch to L1 workout RX, no bands on pull-ups.  Work the strength with a lower rep count.


Level 1 MODS:

MOD 1: Green Band Pull-ups

MOD 2: Med. Black Band Pull-ups

MOD 3: Lg. Black Band Pull-ups, Knee Push-ups

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