One of the spokes on our Outside the Box wheel is mental.  Now this hits home for a lot of people. Seems like too often nowadays good people are just not getting the support they need to succeed.  The world can be very a harsh, dog eat dog environment and instead of working together to build up everyone, it is very common to tear each other down for one’s own benefit.  Not to mention that we are generally our own worst critics and can beat ourselves up just as much as the outside world does.

Truth is that we all have our own special strengths and gifts and we don’t seem to put enough focus on that part of our lives.  We see this inside the box every single day.  Some of us are amazing lifters and others of us are the gazelles that can run for days.  Each of us is unique and each of us is special.

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-Create a brag list about yourself.  List everything you are good at, are proud of yourself for, have achieved in life, and what you like about yourself.

This list can be used as a tool to help pick us up when we are having a bad day.  It can help us see that we are indeed, unique, special and one of a kind.

To get credit for this WOD, post one thing on your list (don’t be shy to give yourself a pat on the back) to the CFJ Community of Greatness Page.