Wednesday May 17, 2017

(David P. at the 5:30am class working his overhead squat.  He was really pushing himself to get a better shoulder and elbow position during this workout.  Sometimes, the best thing to do during a workout is to focus on one element of your movement and work to master it during your workouts.  Step by step a much better quality movement will be produced.)

Level 2 WOD:

100 Double Under Buy In…



Shoulder to Overhead (135,95)

Chest to Bar Pull-ups


100 Double Under Cash Out


Level 1 WOD:

For time:

21 Double Unders

21 Shoulder to Overhead (95,65)

21 Barbell Rows (see photo below)

15 Double Unders

15 Shoulder to Overhead

15 Barbell Rows

9 Double Unders

9 Shoulder to Overhead

9 Barbell Rows


POST WOD Strength Session:

Back Squat

4 sets x 8 unbroken reps @ 65% of your 1RM

Level 2 MODs:

MOD 1: (115,75), 75 DU buy in and cash out


Level 1 MODs:

MOD 1: DU attempts, (75,55)

MOD 2: 3x Singles (45,35)