Monday March 20, 2017


(Meet the 800m Run.  The turn around point is when you get even with the playground area at the school that we pass along our 1 mile run route.

Directions: Run down to South Boulder Road, Turn Right onto Cimarron, Go straight until you get even with the playground area of the school.  Turn around and come back.)

Level 2 WOD:


3 rounds for time:

30 Squat Cleans (95,65)

30 Pull-ups

800m Run


Level 1 WOD:

“Cardio Badger”

3 rounds for time:

15 Squat Cleans (95,65)

15 Pull-ups

800m Run

Level 2 MODS:

MOD 1: SC (75,55)


Level 1 MODS:

MOD 1: SC (75,55), Green Band

MOD 2: SC (65,45), Med Band

MOD 3: SC (45,35), Lg. Band