CrossFit is designed to improve our daily lives and help us to live whatever life we have better!  This sounds awesome, but how in the world is a workout going to do this?  How does my workout translate to having a more beautiful landscape, happier kids, and better vacations, and finances?  It’s simple.


Join the I AM CROSSFIT Challenge and improve these 10 general skills:



3.Cardio Endurance









So, let’s go through and see how these skills transform your life.

In order to build my beautiful landscape, I need to be strong enough to carry the bags of dirt or have enough strength, balance and coordination to maneuver that wheelbarrow full of flagstone to my soon to be back patio.  And I have to have enough stamina to repeat these actions for 5 hours so that I can get the job done in one single day.

To have happier kids, I need to be able to move up and down, all around to play with them and engage in their activities.  I need to be able to get on the ground, get off the ground, play chase, rescue them from the tree they are stuck in, and have the accuracy and agility to play catch with them in the front yard.

Better vacations result from developing all these skills so that I can ski freely for hours or that I can rock my beautiful beach body without shame.

Better finances?  Talk about mental stamina and endurance.  You conquered a WOD that made you think hard, figure out solutions to problems, and overcome obstacles you didn’t think you could.  Now, apply all those skills to improving the financial problem, and voila… you’re raking in the dough!

I could go on and on, but it is a fact that if you simply dedicated one hour a day, 3-4 times per week to coming to CrossFit Julia, your life would be a dramatically happier place.  Develop your skills, join a supportive community, and BAM!  you are now an ALL AROUND CHAMPION!

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Want to speed up the results?  Join the I AM CROSSFIT Challenge that begins January 6th.  Complete 6 months worth of goals and dreams in 6 weeks time.  2014 will be better than you ever imagined!