Monday November 3, 2014

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WOD – Level 1 and Level 2


Run 400m with a medicine ball (20#,14#)
1 minute max Unassisted Ring Dips
1 minute max Pull-ups
1 minute max Push-ups
1 minute max Sit-ups
Tabata Squats


**We will do this in heats/partnered up.  Your coaches will explain the time domain/rest intervals, etc.  We will use this as a benchmark from here on out, so do your best, USE PROPER ROM, and write your scores down.  This will be a way for you to track progress later on.

MOD 1: Green Band Ring Dips, Green Band Pull-ups

MOD 2: Med. Black Band Ring Dips, Med. Black Band Pull-ups

MOD 3: Large Black Band Ring Dips, Large Black Band Pull-ups

MOD 4: Dips in between 2-24″ Boxes, Jumping Pull-ups, Knee Pushups