Tuesday December 1, 2015

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(Congrats to Becky for being our featured athlete of December.  Her commitment to constant improvement, amazing attitude, and ability to adapt and overcome to situations has earned her this spot!  Check out her awesome story here…)

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“CrossFit Games Open 12.2”

AMRAP in 10 minutes:

30 Snatch (75,45)

30 Snatch (135,75)

30 Snatch (165,100)

AMRAP Snatch (210, 120)

** The MODS, here will just be different weight schemes in case these jumps are too big.  Push yourselves hard.  The third and fourth sets are meant to push the limits.

MOD 1: (65,45), (95,65), (115,75), (135,95)

MOD 2: (45,35), (65,45), (95,65), (115,75)

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