Tuesday December 8, 2015: BENCHMARK TUESDAY

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.54.09 PM

(Ella, Diana, and Annalise are another great example of how teenagers can push themselves to be better each and every day. These three girls call each other to see when they will be going to workout and go at the same time.  For them it’s fun, but it also keeps them accountable to a positive way of living.  Love seeing the youngsters head down the right path.)

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10 rounds for time of:

Run 150 meters (we will do a 175m run)

7 Chest to bar pull-ups

7 Front squats (135,95)

7 Handstand push-ups

MOD 1: Chin Over Pull-ups, (115,75), 1 abmat

MOD 2: Green Band Pull-ups, (95,65), 2 abmats

MOD 3: Black Band, (75,55), KB Push Press (20,18.. one in each hand)

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