As the summer changes into the fall, it is once again time for our gym etiquette reminders.  The picture below sums it up very well.  A few I would like to highlight or elaborate on are below (READ IT!):

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 1.34.23 PM

Arrive Early, Stay Late, and Practice.

As the summer winds down and the winter weather sets in, it is important that we sign up for classes via the Mindbody system.  Your safety and your workout is at stake.  Your coaches prepare their coaching based on who is signed up for class….OR NOT!  If you don’t sign up, your coach might not show up either.  Help us give you the most outstanding CrossFit experience ever by letting us know that you are coming, ready and prepared to kick ass. NOTE— a burpee penalty may be at stake for people that do not sign up for class! Don’t be that guy/girl!

Respect your equipment, your coaches, and each other

Our equipment, coaches, and each other are what make us stronger.  Your coaches are here to push you into being better than you were yesterday and sometimes they will ask you to do things you do not like or enjoy.  Respect them as their passion is your success.  They know what they are doing.  Your fellow athletes want nothing more than to see you succeed just as much as they want to succeed themselves.  Be a team player, get to know the CFJ family members, and make this a journey that we can all take together.

Keep YOUR gym tidy

Please refrain from leaving your tape scraps, bandaids and food scraps anywhere but the trash.   Respect your fellow CFJ family members by NOT writing on the floor with chalk.  Someone has to clean that stuff up and trust me, it is hard.  And just like the signs on state parks state… leave the environment as you found it.  Put things back where you got them from, stack things nicely. How do you want it to look when you walk in.  Leave it that way when you leave.


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