Friday November 27,2015


(Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!)

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2 x AMRAP in 6 minutes
6 Hang Squat Cleans (135,95)
12 Side/Side Twists with plate (35,25)(L+R=1)
18 Double Unders

Rest 3 minutes and repeat the same AMRAP as above.

**you will have two scores. One for the first AMRAP and a second for the second AMRAP

Mod 1: (115,75), (25,15)
Mod 2: (95,65), (15,10)
Mod 3: (45,35), (5# on twist), 36 singles

If we have visitors or friends and family that aren’t acquainted with CrossFit, they will do front squats instead of hang squat cleans.

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