We all know that box jumps are a skill that we either have or don’t have.  So how do you get better and more efficient once you do have them.

First step, learning to rapid fire.  This can be VERY taxing on your achilles tendon however so make sure you properly warm-up your calves, ankles, and achilles and also work your self up to doing lots of reps.  Start with just a few rapid fire reps one day and slowly increase your volume.  Do too much too soon and you risk getting seriously injured.  You wouldn’t go out and run a marathon without training for it, so don’t rush into rapid fire box jumping either.

In the video below you can see Rich Froning doing rapid fire jumps.  Here are three things to notice on how he does it:

1. He rests at the top.  He is basically jumping from the top of the box and getting back to the top.  He is not going from the ground and getting back to the ground.  Take your rest on top of the box, not on the ground.

2. He shuffles his feet backwards toward the edge of the box when he is about to complete his next rep.  This allows him to just drop straight down to the ground as opposed to jumping down and away from the box to make sure he doesn’t scrape his shins.  So, if you are learning, get as close to the edge as you can, drop down, and spring back up. Do not waste extra energy jumping away or toward the box.

3. He moves his arms in a way to “scoop” himself up to the top of the box. As he jumps up, his wrists and forearms scoop upwards to assist with his upward momentum.