Tuesday April 24, 2018


3 rounds of 2 minute intervals:

Interval A:

7 Burpees

Sumo Deadlift High Pulls


Interval B:

7 Burpees

Chest to Bar Pull-ups


Interval C:

7 Burpees

Side/Side Twists with slam ball (L+R=1)



**on the call of “go” start with 7 burpees. For the remaining time in the 2 minute interval, complete as many SDHP as possible. On the 2 minute mark, complete 7 burpees and then as many pull-ups in the remaining time. Same sequence for side/side twists. Then… start over from the top and repeat until each exercise has been completed 3 times.

**Goal- get the same number or more reps on each exercise each round. You will have 3 scores per exercise (9 total)