Saturday September 20th, 2014


(Good Luck to Eric (above), Jeremy, and Shawn at the Masters Championships this weekend!)


“2×2 for 20”

With a partner:
Burpees and Sit-ups
Pushups and V-ups
Wall Balls (20,14) and Mountain Climbers
Wall Jumps (Big, Small) and Shuttle Runs
Kettlebell Swings (53,35) and Walking Lunges with plate overhead (35,25)

**Partner A will start burpees. Partner B will start with Sit-ups. Each person will do as many reps as they can for 2 minutes. Then Switch. Next Partner A will do pushups while partner B does v-ups. Do as many reps as you can for 2 minutes. Then switch. Repeat the pattern for 20 minutes. Each set of exercises should done twice. Score is total number of reps completed between the two partners for the entire 20 minutes. Modify as necessary.