Saturday November 15th, 2014


(Jay knocking out a 155# Split Jerk. Nice work Jay!)

“Community Days”

In teams of 3 complete:

300 Sit-ups

200 Push-ups

150 Burpees

100 Wall Balls (20,16)

75 Pull-ups


**Modify with a lighter wall ball, knee pushups, or assisted pull-ups if necessary.


**The work must be split evenly between the three team members.  There will be one partner on the rowing machine at all times. There will be one partner jump roping at all times.  The other partner will be completing their set of the work above.  All the sit-ups must be completed before moving on the push-ups, etc….

**The catch….. The person doing the work above must do an unbroken set.  If you break, everyone on the team will rotate.


Partner A: Sit-ups

Partner B: Jump Rope

Partner C: Rowing

Partner A gets through 25 sit-ups and breaks the set.  Immediately, Partner A will switch to the rower, Partner B will switch to the sit-ups, and Partner C will switch to the Jump Rope.  Partner B will do an unbroken set of sit-ups.  When they break, they will rotate again.  If the partner on the sit-ups does 100 unbroken…AWESOME.  The teammates will immediately switch at that time since all the teammates, must do an even portion of the work.