Saturday August 16, 2014


(Shawn using his CrossFit Skills to be the only person of the night to get up the Tower Climb in Florida.  He even took the hard path.)

In groups of 4 complete:
For time and max reps:
3 rounds of:
1 minute AMRAP Box Jumps (24″,20″) / Step-ups
1 minute AMRAP Wall Walks / 3 pushups + 20 Mountain Climbers (L+R = 2)— (the 3 + 20 = 1 rep)
1 minute AMRAP Floor Wipers (45,35)/ Sit-ups
1 minute AMRAP Ball Slams (30,20) / Air Squats
Run 800m as a team


**Score will be total time to completion as well as the total number of reps completed by all team members throughout the WOD. Veteran athletes do the exercises on the left. Beginner athletes do the exercises on the right. Veterans, modify weights as necessary.