Wednesday November 15, 2017


I have been an athlete at Crossfit Julia for 6 years this month (November 2017).. Sticking with a workout routine at one place for that long says great things about CF Julia. The coaches and other athletes, along with Shawn and Julia have created a wonderful community. I have learned so much over the past six years about what I am capable of doing and continue to improve thanks to the coaches and support from the entire CF Julia community. I continue to be amazed at what I am able to: lifting heavy weight, pull-ups, double unders, toes to bar and the list goes on! I consistently attend the 5:30am classes, and we have a great core group that really work well together and support each other, but we would welcome any newcomers to that early morning hour! It is the best way to start out the day. My plan is to be an active member at CF Julia for years to come.



Spend 10 minutes working up to a new 1RM squat snatch




Power Snatch

Kettlebell swings

Box Jumps

**15 minute cutoff


Mid Week Stretch: