CrossFit and the Core!

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The movements of CrossFit revolve around midline stabilization.  What does that mean?  It refers to your ability to stabilize or hold your spine in place while doing the designated type of work that we are required to do.

Think of your spine as a building in construction with a scaffolding around it on 4 sides….front, back, right side, and left side.   On the front, you have your abdominal muscles.  To the sides you have the obliques, and on the back you have your erector muscles.  If one of those groups is more developed than the rest, your spine (or the building) will start to tip to one side or the other or maybe be pulled into hyper extension or flexion.

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A perfect example of a movement where we use midline stabilization is the deadlift.  When you first start CrossFit, you will notice your back starts to round as you lift heavy weights.  Why?  Your ability to stabilize your spine under that load is diminished and most likely due to an imbalance between the strength of your abdominals and the strength of your erectors.  Most of us spend lots and lots of time strengthening the abs, while forgetting about the lower back.

As you do more and more CrossFit, you start to even out the strength between the 4 sides of your spine.  And especially if you take part in Shawn’s daily core wods that are only available at CrossFit Julia!   The result….. your ability to stabilize your spine underneath heavier loads improves and you start to notice your ability to lift heavy weights for longer periods of time improves.

Ring that PR bell baby and do it by strengthen that core…. on all 4 sides!