Monday June 29, 2015



(Anahita is hitting the bullseye lately!  She stays late to work on her skills, lifting, and efficient technique…. basically every day!  No doubt that she is making huge gains due to her commitment to excellence!  Way to go Anahita!)

Level 2 WOD:

“CrossFit Games Open 11.4”

AMRAP in 10 minutes:

60 Bar Facing Burpees

30 Overhead Squats (120,90)

10 Muscle-ups


Level 1 WOD:

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
20 Bar Facing Burpees
15 Overhead Squats (75,55)
10 Ring Dips

Level 2 MODs:

MOD 1: MU (Bar MU)

MOD 2: MU (Jump to Transition + Ring Dip)

MOD 3: MU (10 C2B Pull-ups +10 Unassisted Ring Dips), OHS (95,65)

**IF you need a lighter OHS weight, head to the L1 WOD and practice these skills 🙂 No bands on ring dips.  Work your strength with the appropriate modifications.


Level 1 MODs:

MOD 1: OHS (45,35), Dips in between two boxes

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