Thursday January 11, 2018

(It’s hard to believe that Amber was having a baby less than a year ago.  She continues to impress every single day!)


CrossFit Total

1RM Back Squat

1RM Strict Press

1RM Deadlift


**Start with back squat.  Work up to a heavy weight that you will consider “starting weight.”  If you successfully achieve the lift, add more weight and attempt again.  If you successfully achieve that lift, go for a 3rd attempt. If you fail one of the attempts, you CANNOT go back down in weight. You must try that weight again.  You only get 3 attempts for the lift (after the warm-ups).  Your heaviest weight lifted is your score for today.  These same rules apply for the strict press and the DL.  You will have 4 scores today.  The heaviest lift for each of the lifts and a grand total of all those weights added together.