Thursday August 21, 2013

Death By..

10 Double Unders

MOD 1: unassisted ring dips
MOD 2: dips between 24″ boxes, 2x singles

**for this WOD, the coach will say 3,2,1..go. You will complete 1 muscle-up or mod sand then 10 double unders. You will then rest until the top of the next minute. At the minute you will complete 2 muscle-ups and then 20 double unders and then rest until the next minute.  You continue the pattern until you cannot complete the required work within the minute.

everyone must go through to 10 minutes.

if you tap out before 5 minutes, you will switch to death by 3 burpees. So if get to minute three of the WOD above and do not complete the work. the relay point until the 10 minute mark, you will complete 3 burpees. At the next minute you will do 6 burpees and doubles or singles. Complete this until the 10 minute mark.

for your score, you will get the number of rounds completed for the WOD and a second score of the number of burpees you complete.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.25.37 PM