Thursday September 8, 2016

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(CrossFit should be fun even though we work very hard!  The look on Bruce’s face says it all!)

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Strength Session:

Squat Snatch


**The first 2 sets are used to warm-up. Sets 3 & 4 @ 80% (this will be the weight you use for the workout). For sets 5-8, move up to 85%. Make sure you are focusing on your technique today.

Level 1 & 2 WOD:

Death By Overhead Squats @ 80% of your squat snatch (this will be determined in our strength session)

**At the call of 3,2,1…Go, complete 1 Overhead Squat. Rest until the top of the next minute and then complete 2 overhead squats. Rest until the top of the next minute and complete 3 overhead squats. Continue the pattern until you are unable to complete the required work within the minute. Immediately begin the cash out.

800m SPRINT for time
*Make sure you note what time you started so that you can write your time down on the whiteboard

**you will have two scores for today. For the overhead squats, if you get to the round with 10 reps to complete in one minute and you complete 7 of the 10, your score will be 7/10. If you complete all 10, your score will be 10/10. if you get into the round of 11’s and fail, your score would be 6/11, etc. You will also have a time for your 800m SPRINT.



1 mile run buy in
Wall Balls (20,16)
2x Weighted Sit-ups (use your wall ball)
1000m row cash out