Tuesday February 7, 2017


(Photo evidence of Alison doing her rehab exercises.  She stays after class for AT LEAST 10 minutes to work on her shoulders to help improve her posture, which helps improve her shoulder mobility, and her performance on her workouts inside the gym.  If you have any issues, big or small, Alison sets the example of the way to help prevent it from getting worse.  Take the time, it’s worth it in the end!)

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Level 1& 2 WOD:



Deadlift (225,155)

Handstand Push-ups



3 rounds for time:

10 Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts (53, 35… hold 1 KB with both hands and touch to floor on bottom)

10 Handstand Push-ups

10 Wall Balls (20,16)


**Modify with lighter KB and WB, and the modifications from the Level 1 & 2 WOD for HSPU



MOD 1: DL (205,145), 1 abmat

MOD 2: DL (185,125), 2 abmat

MOD 3: DL (155,105), Deficit Push-ups (have your feet on top of a 45# plate and hands on the floor)

MOD 4: DL (135,95), Regular Push-ups