We have all had the day where we are last person to yell “Time” at the end of the WOD.  We have all had the day where showing up to the class was just about more than we could handle but we go through it one rep by one rep by one rep.

During the last workout of the Open, 14.4, we had several athletes that struggled immensely with the toes to bar. Whatever the reason for the struggle was, it didn’t matter. It was a struggle.  Desspite that,  these athletes still showed up, and worked their way through, one by one, for 14 minutes.  By the end of those 14 minutes, one of those athletes rang the PR bell 8 times for their first 8 toes to bar.  Another rang it 50 times for the first 50 toes to bar ever.

So let me ask you this, did it matter that it was a struggle?  NO! In the end, they learned something.  That sometimes, showing up is all you need to achieve something you have never done before.  Sometimes, refusing to wave the white flag of surrender pays off.  It doesn’t matter what the person next to you does, it’s about what you do.

So on those days where you find yourself at your limit and can’t wait for a brand new day, just remember that did not finish always trumps did not start! Get in to the gym and make a start.  You never know what extraordinary events may occur while you are there…. just simply showing up.

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