There is only one value that I have adhered to religiously an that is freedom. Your Freedom, my Freedom, everybody’s freedom. That has been my guide through life. I am just a retired farmer and soldier from WW2. I was declared unfit for military service, because of my heart, so I invested in Doctors to say I was OK to be in the Army. We won the the battle so I spent 3 years in the Infantry, 7 months on the front lines battling Germans with my M-1 rifle and and sawed off mortar. I was the Sgt. in charge. But all this while, I felt that I was contributing to my freedom as well as other peoples freedom. I felt a need to invest in my Freedom. Lots of bloodshed by American Troops. Our Company overall was approx. 50% casualties due to Enemy weapons, land mines, etc. Freedom requires sacrifice.

All good things require the sacrifice of creating, and nothing gives greater satisfaction than observing something created by your muscular activity. Your body rejoices, while suffering physically, merely knowing it will later enjoy the results! You have created joy, contentedness. Juices flow in the body and endorphins are the result.

You see, I am approaching 91 years old. My success in anything depends on the story.

As for CrossFit and exercise, I can tell you this much, I am in love with it. It will never end!! According to the doctors, my lung capacity has not diminished in the last year due to my emphysema, which they attribute to my CrossFit and walking routines. I am also able to walk around, drive, and climb stairs despite having a double knee replacement and being 91 years old. The coach, Julia, she is as important, perhaps moreso, for the actual happenings, since she is the brains and coordinator for everything! She holds all the information actually required for the physicality to function smoothly!

It’s great to be able to workout with my daughter Penny and granddaughter Brie and to be able to talk about our accomplishments. CrossFit Julia is a family to us now as well. Plus, i like to think I’ve inspired the younger generations to realize limitation is just in their minds.

I know that eventually life on Earth does end! But I also know that life is eternal and you can find me exercising happily some place. You can be sure I am planning on it!!!