Monday March 23, 2015

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(Happy 91st Birthday to Don!  He has been doing CrossFit going on 6 years now and is a true inspiration to us all.  When you are his age, you want to be him….. completely independent and able to still deadlift close to 200#!)

Level 1 and 2 WOD

AMRAP in 19 minutes:
3 Tire Flips (Large, Small)
23 Slam Ball Sit-ups (30,20)
24 Kettlebell Lunges (53,35) (Do 12 on left leg and then 12 on right leg, You will hold KB in opposite hand straight overhead)

**Don was born on 3/23/1924.  The 19 minutes signifies the 1924.  The 3,23,24 scheme represents his birth date.


MOD 1: (3 small tire flips for men, 1 small flip for women), KB lunge (25,15# plate held overhead)

MOD 2: (3 x 155,105 deadlift + 6 lateral bar jumps  instead of tire flips), KB Lunge (15,10# plate held overhead)



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