Saturday December 12, 2015

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Part A:
AMRAP in 18 minutes:
Row for meters
**Switch partners every 250m. You can rest while your partners are rowing. Be ready to go when it is your turn. Score will be total number of meters rowed for your team.

3 minutes in between WODs

Part B:
AMRAP in 14 minutes
Burpee Box Jump Overs (24″,20″)
Ball Slams (30,20)
Wall Balls (20,16)

**You will each start at a different station at start with 2 reps. You will then switch to the next station and do 2 reps, then to the third station and do 2 reps. Next time you are back at the station you started with you will do 4 reps, then 4 at the second, and 4 at the third. Keep repeating the pattern. You cannot switch stations until all partners have completed the designated rep count. Score will be the total numbers of reps completed by all partners added up a the end of the 14 minutes.

Part B: MODS:

MOD 1: WB(16,14)

MOD 2: WB (14,10)

MOD 3: WB (10,6)

MOD 4: WB (6), BBJO (Step-up and overs), SB (20)

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