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CrossFit Games Open WOD announcement 6pm

February 25, 2016

It’s like a big party! No intimidation, just lots of fun and excitement.

What is The Open?

The Open is an ALL LEVELS, International competition that is designed to test your abilities as a CrossFit athlete.  Are you prepared for the unknown and unknowable?

You DO NOT need to be an elite level athlete or even be able to RX all the movements to participate in the Open.  There are RX and scaled divisions as well as distinctions for particularly age groups including teens and masters. If you cannot do the workout as prescribed by CrossFit HQ, then you simply do the scaled version instead.

It is a blast and a great way to test your fitness.

The top athletes in the Open move on to Regionals and the top athletes in Regionals move on to the CrossFit Games.

When do you register and complete the workouts?

The WOD’s are announced each Thursday evening and you have a few days to get them done.  At CrossFit Julia, we will hold an AWESOME event on Saturday at 9am-whenever to complete the workouts.  You will sign up for a heat time, have a partner to count your reps, and hold you accountable to range of motion.

If you choose to register to submit your scores to the CrossFit HQ Open Leaderboard, you will need to register for the Open ASAP and then submit your score each week so that Julia can verify your score. You must have someone count your reps for you that has completed the official judges course provided by CrossFit HQ. If you do not do this, your score cannot be verified by Julia.  You can get registered, take the judges course, and submit your scores at games.crossfit.com.  You cannot see your scores on the official leaderboard if you do not register here.

However, Julia will compile a record of all the athletes that did the Open (registered or not) and create a CFJ specific leaderboard.  So do not hesitate to come and complete the workouts even if you decide not to sign up through CrossFit HQ.  Having your score on fie through CrossFit HQ is a great way to track your scores though because they do repeat these and you will always know if you have improved or not.  Our goal is to be constantly improving our fitness throughout the years, so this is an easy and effective way to keep track.


February 25, 2016