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  1. What was your life like prior to your CrossFit training and why did you want to start working with a trainer?

–          Before CFJ my workout mainly consisted of 6-8mile runs with the occasional race (aka the Bolder Boulder), and hiking. I never really did weights and that was because I really didn’t know what I was doing. Running was the only thing I was alright at, I was certainly not coordinated to much else. I ran long distance throughout my high school track because I couldn’t even stay in my own lane.

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  1. What have been your greatest challenges since you began your CrossFit Training?

–          My greatest challenge first off my coordination, I fell on my face taking my first
Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.10.30 PMstep doing the simple “scale” stretch. After that is was all a mental game: the box jumps, those power cleans- I remember poor Julia having to work to with me for a week straight before I finally got it. Physically I had no upper body strength, took me 3 months or so to get my first pullup and two more weeks to able to RX “Barbra” (my VERY FIRST RX WOD,  I’ll never forget it!)



  1. What have been your greatest successes since you began? How does your body feel now compared to when you started and WHY?

–          My greatest success? Well the pull-up was certainly a huge one, but also lifting weights. When I first started, my personal record for Deadlift was 85lbs now it’s 220lb. With that there’s the snatch. I could barely get 35lbs over my head and now I can do 85lb.  I once got 90lb but it was super ugly, so still working on that. Then there was the Open of 2011 where one of the workouts was a 5 minute AMRAP of Squat Clean Thrusters, all you had to do was to get one rep of a squat clean at 105lbs, I spent the entire time in a squat position, I just couldn’t stand up. I retried the next day and finally got one rep, and just last year we retested that WOD and I got 20 reps!! That was a GREAT feeling.

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–          Mentally I am much more confident in everything I do. I really listen to my body especially after being pregnant and being able to still work out. With my first pregnancy I was able to do 20 pull-ups at 36 weeks, and run all day if I wanted to, and with my second I was able to do rope climbs and lift decent (not going for PRs just maintaining).

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  1. How has your life changed since starting CrossFit training? Has CrossFit transferred over into any other areas of your life?

–          I am not afraid to walk into any gym (be it another box or a YMCA) and pick up a barbell, and I definitely am more confident. I am in way better shape than I was when I was just running. I look at everything I do as a CrossFit workout: picking up my boys, carrying groceries, luggage or really anything.


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  1. What are the advantages of CrossFit style training compared to your previous workout styles?

–          That’s easy! It’s way more diverse. Before, when I wanted to change up my workout I’d just go on a new trail. Now when I go for a long run, I will either stop half way and do squats, burpees, ab workout or find a log to jump over or a tree branch to do pull-ups on and then continue on my run (the looks from folks driving by are priceless).


  1. What advice can you give to others?

– Just because you couldn’t do it before, or don’t believe you can do it now, doesn’t mean you can’t do it in the future. As with anything in life,  nothing comes for free you have to work at it and practice. When you do,  it will come. I never thought I’d be able to do a pull-up (in high school I was basically doing bar row pull-ups). As for lifting anything over my head, my family would have laughed (knowing how uncoordinated and weak I was) now I can split jerk my body weight.

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  1. Any other details you would like to share about your experience?

–          CrossFit Julia not only has changed my life physically and mentally but with it I have made so many new friends who have become a HUGE part of my life. Not only has it be a huge part of my life but my boys as well. Both Nelson and Weston LOVE working out and being at the gym. CFJ is a huge part of my life and everyone who walks through those doors are family, no matter what. I am beyond grateful for all the support I have received and for the support that everyone has given my family back in Wisconsin.  I am so very fortunate to be a part of such an amazing community. These past 6 years have been the greatest at CFJ!!

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