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My journey through CFJ has been a challenging and rewarding experience. I have been a member, on and off, since opening day, Nov. 2009.

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Was on a great track and hit some road bumps during 2013-2015.  These years were very challenging years for me.

Atrial fibrillation – very irregular heartbeat – overtook me,  resulting in three electrical cardioversions.
You know, that’s the spot in the TV shows when they shout out “CLEAR!” as they shock your heart back into rhythm.

But that didn’t stick – couldn’t stay in rhythm or keep a heart rate under 180 resting, so I theScreen Shot 2016-10-31 at 1.58.43 PMn had a heart ablation.  After that Gary and I walked miles and miles, and did many 5K’s to keep ourselves fit.

But in February of 2015, afib returned.  April 2015, another heart ablation.  I became very depressed with the inability to exercise.  In October 2015, my heart doctor told me I was doing great!
December 2015, I was released from the heart doc and he told me I could do CrossFit again with restrictions.Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 1.57.28 PM

Scared to death to start again for fear of a raised heart rate, I chatted with Julia.  She signed me up for Personal Training to regain strength in a safe and controlled environment.  Four months later, I started regular classes with Julia present, then I ventured to class with other coaches, with my husband always there, and now I am going to class on my own with confidence!

I love weight-lifting and seeing the numbers rise and my form improving.  My favorites are back squat (increase of 35 lbs.) and dead lift (increase of 70 lbs).


My advice as a 63 year old woman, stay active.  Sitting on the couch only makes you cranky and weak.

At CFJ, I have learned that each of us is at our own fitness place and modifying is OK.  We’re there making our bodies healthier than the day before. It doesn’t matter if you are 14 or 63, we’re a supportive team at CFJ.

Thanks to everyone for the everyday encouragement.

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