Monday January 2, 2017


(Happy New Year and Welcome to 2017!  This year is going to be amazing and full of great opportunities and excitement!  What do you plan to accomplish this year?)

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Level 1 & 2 WOD: Last Done June 11th, 2016.. click here to see results

“Fight Gone Bad”

Wall Balls (20,14)

Sumo Deadlift Hi Pulls (75,55)

Box Jumps (20″ for men and women)

Push Press (75,55)

Row for Calories


**You have one minute at each station to get as many reps as possible.  After the minute is over, immediately switch to the next station and start getting reps.  After all 5 stations have been completed, you will get one minute to rest.  Repeat the sequence 3 times through for a total of 17 minutes.  Score is a total number of reps completed over the three rounds.

MOD 1: Bars (55,35), WB (14,10)

MOD 2: Bars (35,15), WB (10,6), Step-ups