Thursday February 2, 2017


(Tuesday’s 4pm class rocked the workout and these back squats.  No one held back and it was an amazing effort put out by all!)

Level 1 & 2 WOD:

To be completed Fight Gone Bad Style:
Deadlift (185,125)
Row for Calories
Double Unders
Power Cleans (135,95)

**You will have one minute at each station to complete as possible. After all 5 stations have been completed, you will have 1 minute to rest. Complete the sequence 3 times. Your score is a total number of all reps completed over the 3 rounds.



To be completed FGB Style:
Burpee Box Jumps (24″,20″)
Row for Calories
Double Unders
Medicine Ball Cleans (25,20)


**Modify with a lighter Medicine Ball and Burpee Step-ups.  NO SINGLES today.

MOD 1:DL (155,105), Cleans (115,75)

MOD 2: DL (135,95), Cleans (95,65)

MOD 3: Anything else other than the options above… NO SINGLES TODAY.  WORK TO GET YOUR DOUBLE UNDERS!