Saturday November 25, 2017

(Burpee Burpee!)


Part 1:

AMRAP in 8 minutes

15 Mountain Climbers with hands on slam ball (L+R=1)

15 Ball slams

15 Slam Ball Sit-ups

Rest 5 minutes and then…

Part 2:

EMOM x 12 minutes

1 Deadlift

**Start at a medium to medium heavy weight. Add weight on each successful round. The goal is to get a new PR today. If you fail your lift, go down by 5 pounds the next minute and try again. If you get the lift, go back up. If you miss again, continue lowering weight by 5# each lift. Be smart about this. If you are having an “off” day, pick the heaviest weight you can do safely and keep that weight for all the rounds.