During each and every WOD there is a learning opportunity to be had.  Yes of course and most obviously, learning how to do efficient movement patterns and technique is something to be learned each and every day.  But there is more…..

Often times, athletes feel like the RX weight is the top of the line, as far as they can go and never look beyond it.  Or, they feel like the actual number on the bar is intimidating and so they close their minds to the possibility that they can actually do the lift or push to go that much faster.  I also hear a lot that a certain time or weight can only be accomplished by certain individuals.  Not true.  If they can do it, so can you! You just need the guts to give it a try.

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So take this example. A very standard weight for a thruster is (95,65) for most CrossFit WODs.  Therefore, when we see something heavier than that, we tend to doubt our abilities because that is heavier than a standard RX.  Well, today, we had a much heavier thruster weight (155,105).  If you were able to accomplish even 3 lifts at that weight, then that means your 1 rep max is even heavier.  So next time you see a 65# thruster, trust that you can crush that.  Based on your performance today, you know that you should be able to knock out at least 10 unbroken.  It may be tough, but you are definitely capable of doing it.

For those finished today’s workout, you did 33 reps of a heavy thruster.  So, next time you do one, remember how many heavy ones you did today…  Learn from it and use it to build your confidence for the next thruster WOD (or really whatever the next movement is, as this pertains to all movements).  Do not sell yourself short.  Push your limits, go faster, go heavier, go for more unbroken sets.

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Sure, it will hurt.  But your body never adapted and overcame to something that was easy.  Believe in yourself! You can conquer!  You are strong, you are fast, and probably the only thing standing in your way is your own mind.

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