The oil we use to cook with can have an incredible impact on the flavor of the final product we produce at the dinner table.  Just consider the different tastes that peanut oil, sesame oil, truffle oil, and olive oil all have.  In addition to providing amazing flavor, we can also infuse our oil (which is a great source of dietary fat) with herbs and spices that can provide us health benefits that we have already explored.

In several of our previous FFF WODs, we have looked at specific herbs, spices, and fruits and determined what kind of health benefits that could provide for us.  Let’s take it one step further.

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-Take your favorite oil and infuse it with something to give it a whole new flavor and provide us with even more amazing health benefits.  Here is a great website for tips on how to infuse your oil, storage requirements.  Make your oil and then post a pic with the health benefits it provides and a recipe to use it with.