We have all heard the sayings that an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” or that “carrots are good for your eyesight.”   These sayings are clear indications that the food we eat does in fact fuel our bodies to perform in certain ways.  I am not discounting the influence of genetics, however it has been clearly proven that eating certain foods does in fact have an influence on our muscles, organs, hair and nails, skin, etc.  The food we ingest has immense power to fuel our body to perform optimally or sub-par.

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-Take one area of your body that you struggle with (eye-sight, muscle-cramping, inflammation of your gums, skin disorders, etc.) and find a food that can help fuel and improve the quality of your life in that area.  Post the food and the health problem that it may help alleviate to the CFJ Community of Greatness page.