Tuesday September 9, 2014


(Taren has been hard at work prepping for the Girls Gone Rx comp.  Here she is with Crystal and Kristen (also competing) as they tackle one of the game day WODS. No holding back for these ladies!)

Level 2 WOD:
Front Rack Lunges (95,65) (L+R=2)
Butterfly Pullups
1000m Row Test

Level 1 WOD
21 Front Rack Lunges (45,35)
7 Assisted Rope Climbs
15 Front Rack Lunges (45,35)
5 Assisted Rope Climbs
9 Front Rack Lunges (45,35)
3 Assisted Rope Climbs

then… 1000m row test


Level 2 MODs:

M1: (75,55), Kipping Pullups

M2: (65,45), Green Band C2B pull-ups


Level 1 MODs:

M1: (35,15), Ring Rows