It FREEZING out there folks!!  Not that I have to tell you that, but hey, it’s a good reminder of just how important it is to get in a proper warm-up before hitting the WOD. Besides just getting that winter chill out of our bones, there are many advantageous benefits of doing a warm-up.

1. Elevates the Body Temperature

2. Elevates Breathing Rate to simulate the WOD

3. Increases Flexibility to allow for more efficient performance during the WOD

4. Develops the movements by allowing you to practice technique with light weights prior to lifting the WOD weight

5. Works the whole body…we do this every day in CrossFit

6. Prepares you for rigorous activity both physically and mentally

So, make sure that you get in to the gym early and allow yourself that much needed time to prepare your body for the work it is about to perform.  Your body will thank you with a better time, a heavier weight, and by not getting injured because you weren’t properly prepared.

Enjoy the weather and stay warm out there!

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