This week has been chock full of odd objects during the WODs. Why you ask?  How does doing all this weird farmer carrying and lifting heavy stones help us?

Well, let’s go back to the spirit of CrossFit. We are training you to live your life better… to do the types of things that you would possibly encounter during your day to day experience as efficiently and most effectively possible. Not to mention that being able to do these things efficiently and effectively will give you the ability to do them by yourself for longer, which means, independence in the long run. No one will be helping a CrossFitter lift ehir groceries, get out of bed, or pick themselves up after a fall.

So, let’s think again about those odd objects. Stones…. picking up things that are small and heavy and putting them up on your shoulder. Perfect example for me was our old dog Willis. 80 pound bulldog, stubborn as hell, sick and needs to get into a giant pickup truck that he cannot jump into. Little me, had to pick him up, much like an atlas stone, get him into the truck, and get him out again. And… I had to do this without breaking either his back or mine. Done!

Farmer Carries… let’s face it. As CrossFitters, we do everything for time. Which means, that you are just like me and that you try to carry every single grocery bag into the house at the same time. So, you load up each hand with 10 bags, regardless of how heavy it is, turn the knob with your knee and then get those bags on top of the counter. If you have no grip strength, you are in and out, in and out. But, after doing farmer carries, you can time yourself to get those groceries in and unpacked. 3,2,1…Go!

Now let’s take another minute to reminisce on another odd object moment at CFJ! Wheelbarrows by Kari!


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